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LEGO 41184 Elves Aira's Airship and the Amulet Chase

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LEGO 41184 Elves Aira's Airship and the Amulet Chase

Cruise with Aira and Emily Jones as they chase after Emily’s stolen amulet in Aira’s airship, plus a goblin glider with seed shooters, a goblin and two mini-doll figures.

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Fly on a daring chase and search mission in Elvendale! Dukelin the Goblin has spotted Emily Jones with her amulet on Aira’s airship and swoops in with the goblin glider. Oh no, Dukelin stolen the amulet and is getting away! Use Aira’s wind powers to transform the airship to super-fast flight mode and catch the goblin before it returns the amulet to the Goblin King!

• Includes two mini-doll figures: Emily Jones and Aira the wind elf, plus Dukelin the Goblin.
• Features Aira’s Airship, with balloon and spinning propeller, extending wings, room for two mini-doll figures and a storage space in the airship with an opening hatch.
• Also includes a goblin glider with opening hatch and small storage space, movable wings and evil seed shooters.
• Help Emily Jones and Aira build the airship with her magical blueprint book.
• Shoot evil seeds at the airship with Dukelin’s goblin glider.
• Extend the ship’s wings for fast flight mode.
• Stash Emily Jones’ amulet in the back of the goblin glider and fly away.
• Accessory elements include a magical boomerang, Aira’s blueprint book, map, compass, evil seeds, stud elements, amulet, crossbow and two berries.
• This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 8-12.
• Other mischievous goblins can be collected in select LEGO® Elves sets
• Airship measures over 6” (16cm) high, 9” (24cm) long and 9” (24cm) wide.
• Goblin glider measures over 1” (5cm) high, 1” (4cm) long and 3” (8cm) wide.


8-12 years



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