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LEGO Mill Village Raid 7189

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Defend the village from the evil dragon knights!

Its a call to arms! The evil dragon knights have come to the village to loot and plunder, but the villagers are ready to fight back! Armed with pitchforks, buckets and booby traps galore, the villagers are ready to defend their peaceful home. Even the animals wont surrender without a fight!
Includes 6 minifigures: milkmaid, farmer, stableboy and 3 dragon knights
Accessories include 2 goats, 2 chickens, pig, horse, flowers, various tools and vegetables

Open the barn to feed the animals!
Wind up the winch to lift the basket!
Put the ladder up and set the booby traps in the barn!
Spin the blades of the mill!
Drop thru a trapdoor on the second floor of the barn!
Barn measures over 7 (17cm) tall, 5 (12cm) long and 4 (10cm) wide
Mill measures over 6 (15cm) tall
Wagon with horse measures over 5 (12cm) long and 2 (5cm) wide

Item #: 7189
Ages: 7-14
Pieces: 663

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 September, 2011.