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Star Wars 75208 Yodas Hut

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Star Wars 75208 Yodas Hut

Learn the ways of the Force with this LEGO® Star Wars Yoda’s Hut set, featuring foldout training sections, a ‘vine’ to swing from, a detailed interior, 2 minifigures and R2-D2.

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Train with Luke at Yoda’s hideaway home on Dagobah. Balance boxes using the Force and pull a one-armed handstand to show Luke’s skills. Force jump into the air with Yoda on his back and swing from the vine like a true Jedi! When darkness falls, rest up to prepare for another hard day's training… and watch out for the hidden snake!

• Includes Yoda and Luke Skywalker minifigures plus an R2-D2 figure. • Features foldout training sections, a detachable Force jump function, rooftop ‘vine’ swing function and a detailed interior including folding bed, fireplace, food and furnishing elements, and a secret underfloor compartment. • Carry Yoda on Luke's back as he trains. • Balance boxes, stand on one arm, pull a cool Force jump and swing from the ‘vine' like a true Jedi! • Weapons include Yoda's staff and Luke's Lightsaber. • Accessory elements include a carrot, frying pan, bottle and a snake. • This LEGO® Star Wars toy is suitable for ages 7-12. • Measures over 4” (11cm) high, 9” (25cm) long and 4” (11cm) wide.'7-12


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